Partner.Co | BLING Better Together Skinny Drops GREEN Mini Tote Sleeve

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Partner Co. | Slenderiix Xceler8 Skincerity Lucim Serum Mini Tote Sleeve

The field asked We listened!  Introducing Partner Co.Slenderiix Xceler8 Skincerity Lucim Serum Mini Tote Sleeves  - the ultimate solution to carry and protect your drops, bottles and skincare goodies with ease and style! 

Plus, with its compact size and ability to fit most purses, bags and even travel compartments the Partner Co. Better together travel sleeve is an instant solution for on-the-go. Not only keep them safe and from breaking but are eye catching design leaving people asking...What is that?   

After all we are Partner.Co better together!

So why wait? 

Grab yours today!

They make great business building incentives gifts and giveaways.

3 design combo pack available to save $$$

10 Pack Customer Appreciation Pack available